Seminar Laboratory Comédie-Française 2.0

A video of the performance by the Université de Paris Nanterre and Harvard students under the direction of Agnès Bourgeois. In French.

Based on the CFRP database, these students imagined a one-week festival for which they then created a pamphlet and performance that lasted thirty-five minutes.  After having selected nightly programs at the Comédie-Française between 1680 and 1793 based on their "success," (a criterion they were invited to critique), they compiled historical and dramaturgical dossiers based on these "successful" evenings.  They then defended them during a committee meeting whose purpose was to establish the definitive festival program that they entitled "C'était comme un orage...."  ("It was like a storm....").  On 20 May 2016, the pamphlet and the performance were presented during the CFRP Conference at Harvard and MIT.

This workshop inverted standard pedagogy used to train theater students.  Instead of a professor who lectured, the students experienced an action-based pedagogy in which they learned by doing, and a team experience where they learned to work as an ensemble.

This laboratory/workshop took place under the auspices of l'Idéfi-Créatic.  it was supported by funding from the French government's Agence nationale de la recherche, and from the Partner University Fund.