Introduction to the Comédie-Française Register Facsimiles

The Comédie-Française Registers Project (CFRP) consists of a database extracted from the daily registers of Comédie-Fançaise from 1680 to 1793 and search and visualization tools. In addition, the project provides users access to the troupe's archives in the form of high resolution digital reproductions of the registers themselves, which can be accessed via this page. The sources behind each season's data (with the exception of the 1739-1740 season, whose register has been lost) can therefore be studied in detail in order to deepen one's understanding of the sources, or verify certain details.

The data contained in the daily receipt registers can be complemented by consulting four other complementary series of registers:

  • Duplicate Receipt Registers. For some seasons, duplicate receipt registers exist in the troupe's archives. Users may consult these sources to enrich the statistical analyses generated via the database.
  • Casting Registers. These sources provide information on the casting of plays performed each evening from 1765 to 1793. Please note that before 1765, cast lists are sometimes found on the left-hand page of the receipt registers.
  • Expense Registers. The troupe's archives contain registers recording daily expense data from 1757 to 1776. Before this period, expense data can at time be found on the lower half of each page in the receipt registers.
  • Administrative registers. These registers contain minutes of the troupe's regular administrative meetings. Here users will find valuable information concerning decisions about repertory, casting, and finances. Material in this category ranges from 1677 to 1791.

Users should note that other archival sources, as yet not digitized, may be consulted at the Bibliothèque-Musée de la Comédie-Française, located in the Palais Royal in the heart of Paris.

The images made available on this site are the property of the Comédie-Française. If you wish to utilize or reproduce any of these images for reasons other than personal use, and especially for publication in a book, in a newspaper, other forms of communication, commercial products, exhibitions, etc., please request permission by writing to the Bibliothèque-Musée de la Comédie-Française at the following address: