Theater Venues

The troupe played in four different venues between 1680 and 1793, when the actors split into royalist and republican factions and the data in our database ends. The map above displays the Parisian location of each venue. You may also learn more about each of these venues by following the links below:

The faceted browser allows you to compare ticket sales and box office receipts in two fundamental categories across our entire time span: the parterre, or orchestra, and total nightly receipts. But because the seating options in each venue differed substantially, it is difficult to compare most seating categories across the entire 113 seasons in the database.

The interactive map featured on this page incorporates a 1788 map of Paris sold in the city for visitors and residents. Using the Map Warper “georectifier and georeferencer tool,” the scanned historical map image has been altered to align with modern map systems. This warping of the map results in the skewed image you see above, but aligns the streets and landmarks in the map with their modern equivalents, so that we may view them in comparison, and plot locations, such as the theaters outlined here, using latitude and longitude coordinates. Note that the toggle function in the upper right of the map will allow you to switch between the 1788 map and a modern map interface.