Workshop 2017-2018: Controversy and the Comédie Française


Students who participated in this year's "Comédie-Française 2.0" workshop (coordinated by Tiphaine Karsenti et Sylvaine Guyot) examined the controversy surrounding two plays from the XVIII century Comédie Française repertoire: Mahomet de Voltaire (1742) and Le Siège de Calais de Pierre-Laurent de Belloy (1765). After compiling extensive resources pertaining to the debates sparked by these works, as well as thorough analysis of the texts to better understand them in historical context, the students took part in two live theater performances, led by Hervé Loichemol and the Quintett Express (Clara Hédouin, Antoine Reinartz, Sacha Todorov). There are filmed versions of both productions.

Additionally, the students created a series of infographics to illuminate their findings. These can be found at :