Workshop 2015-2016: Success!


The first ever Comédie-Française workshop provided a chance for students from Harvard University and Université Paris Nanterre to plan a week long festival of activities based around the exploration of the CFRP data.

Encouraged to explore the theme of 'success', they investigated the programming of various evenings at la Comédie-Française (between 1680 and 1793) to create presentations pertaining to the historical and theatrical importance of their chosen performances. The students defended their projects at a meeting of the organizational comittee of the 2016 CFRP conference (Harvard, USA) and together the students and the committee used them, in part, to create the final conference schedule. The conference was titled "C'était comme un orage...". Collectively, the students also created an information pamphlet and prepared a 35 minute skit, which they performed at the CFRP conference on May 20th, 2016.

The workshop aimed to turn traditional methods of teaching theater history upside down ; it instead experimented with the idea of inquiry based experiential learning, where collaboration and student driven learning are key.

The workshop was a part of the Idéfi-CréaTIC initiative, and was funded in part by the Partner University Fund. It was coordinated by T. Karsenti, S. Guyot and S. Harvey.

Video of the student performance, under the direction of Agnès Bourgeois