NOTE: This data access feature is for developers. All are welcome to try it out; see a note on tools below

We’ve exposed all CFRP data in JSON format via an HTTP accessible read-only web API, to allow developers to incorporate our dataset into other applications.

For the moment, it’s not rate limited, but do send us an email if you’re planning to use it heavily. Mostly, we’re very excited to know what you’ll use it for!

Sample Endpoints

Endpoint Description Recommended Parameters
/plays List of plays none
/people List of actors none
/performances_with_totals Total earned by performance date=gte.1700-01-01&date=lt.1710-01-01
/play_ticket_sales Ticket sales by seating category for each play/performance genre=eq.comédie&play_performance_id=lt.1000
/plays_with_totals Total earned by a play over 113 years, in livres none

A note on tools

Most browsers will display responses to your API requests as plain-text JSON (not very human-friendly). These tools can help make responses more understandable: